What is EAT and Google Core Update 2020 ?

Understand the concept of EAT (Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness) and its significance in Google's Core Update of 2020. Gain insights into how these updates impact search engine rankings and learn how to optimize your website's content to meet the EAT criteria. Stay ahead of the curve and enhance your online visibility with our comprehensive guide.

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Google has always come up with great advancement in its algorithm, we all know google updates their algorithm on regular basis however each time they don’t publish about all the updates. And, I am sure you will agree to this fact that whenever something big or something which brings major change or something which impacts the data then Google announce it and publish it on their official blog site.

And, during this year 2020, the major change has affected millions of website and as a result most of the sites which were ranking high for quite sometime or say it for years, have got a big hit due to this algorithm update.

And, the hit is on search engine ranking of these website, though it has nothing to do with content or authenticity. It is just that, google wants to offer best of results which is relevant and new to their users.

In this video📺, I have talked about my understanding and observation about #Google EAT and #Coreupdate 2020

As per this algorithm update most of the sites have already been affected but many small contributors will be benefited or rewarded.

The update is based on EAT concept which means Expertise, Authority and Trustworthiness.

As Google algorithm always aims at providing best of user experience. If anyone coming to Google for any query then google must present them most accurate and reliable piece of information and of course from a legitimate source. Which means, while providing results to their users Google will monitor the expertise level of that website where the content is coming from or the content creator or the author of that website.

And, This is just to make results more reliable and resourceful. So, basically small businesses or content creator which were not able to rank their content or website not because their content is not good enough or right fit for the users.

In fact, websites which were previously ranked high on search engine were not allowing them to come up.

But, now google wants to reward the newbies; trying to put fresh content in front of users which will definitely going to help the fresh websites in acquiring quality traffic and of course good ranking in search engine.

Watch out this quick 🎥video👇 to understand it better.

What is EAT and Google Core Update 2020 ?

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