Why do we use Gmail?

Why do we use Gmail?

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Benefits of using Gmail and Whatsapp in 2020

Internet user are increasing day by day and we are in 2020, where millions of users are using Gmail over any other email clients like Yahoo, Hotmail etc. The best part of Gmail is though it is free email service provider by Google, it offers host of free digital products or services like huge storage space for your files and images, web forms for data capturing, website builder, blog builder, docs creator and viewer with huge data base of creative templates.




Great Benefits of using Gmail account:

  • Every Gmail user gets 15 GB of storage space which is FREE.

  • Multiple Device Support, access Gmail and other services using end number of devices

  • No maintenance required as it supports real and quick customer support,

  • Gmail is always available for Synchronisation with Outlook

  • Professional Email Templates Available both in Paid and Free Plugins

  • Google Encrypted Data Security For All Emails

Create your Gmail Account in less than a minute, Simply follow the steps below:


How to create Gmail Account in less than minute



Create Gmail account in less than a minute!


  • Step 1: Go to Gmail.com / You will be asked to Sign in or Create Account. Check above image.

  • Step 2: Click on create account > For Myself or Manage Business

  • Step 3 : Fill in required personal details and Click Next.

  • Step 4: Enter your desired Password and reconfirm your password.

  • Step 5: Enter your mobile number for security purpose.

  • Step 6: Click YES on privacy term or “Agree”

  • Step7: Fill captcha field if you are asked to prove you are not a robot.

  • Step8: click on continue, if all went well and accepted, your Gmail Account is created. Congratulations!

  • Step 9: Now Go to Gmail.com and try login with your new email account which you have just created. Enter your email and password, you should be able to login and see your inbox having first email from Google to congratulate you on your email account creation. Thats’it!


Whatsapp Messenger


Whatsapp messenger is a cool and trendy app among all others. We all use whatsapp for instant messaging with friends and family members. It allows users to send instant text messages (Short or long), voice messages, make voice and video calls, and share images, documents, user locations, and other media as well. To make use of whatsapp requires both the parties having registered phone number in whatsapp, That means if you want to send messages to other person then you and the other person you want to send messages to, must have whatsapp installed and registered in phone.


It is basically a mobile application which uses Internet or mobile data (2G, 3G, 4G) or wi-fi and available for all platforms like Android, iPhone, Mac or Windows PC as well. And, Yes you can access whatsapp using your laptop as well. To download simply goto Google Play Store and search Whatsapp or Click Here to download directly.


Also, Whatsapp has recently rolled out it’s Business App for small retailers or business owners. Using Whatsapp Business App you get additional features which are not available in Whatsapp App. You can create a product catalog to showcase your products and services and share it on just a single click. It is built to connect easily with your customers and to give them  instant support by business owners. And, As we all know how fast and simple it is. So, we can say whatsapp helps us getting good engagement and value to business .







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