What is Shopify? Find top 10 eCommerce Platforms
13, Jul 2021
What is Shopify? | Why Shopify?

What is Shopify? | Why Shopify ?

Shopify is an eCommerce platform. It is well recognized worldwide because of the top-notch technical infrastructure it offers to merchants like you and me. It offers a one-stop solution with a host of benefits required by anyone who wishes to run an Online Store or an eCommerce Store.

For any online store to run effectively, it requires well technical infrastructure as in case of any offline or retails shop, one has to always look for basic infrastructure like a place of business, space your business requires, strong foundation, wall paint, good lighting, and air conditioning, etc, all such things are considered because as a merchant you always care about your customers as no one wants to give a bad experience to their customers or anyone coming to your place to buy those products or services you are offering.

Similarly, in the case of any online store you wish to start, you must have some sort of technical knowledge which is always recommended. For example, if you are a small business owner and never had an online store but now wish to go online, then the first thing one must always consider is the selection of the right platform just like you consider building a shop at the right place. Then comes the services or facilities you get with the platform you choose for your business, like, the speed and security you get for your online store.

How many products your online store can handle or upload on your website.

How secure your site data is ?

How fast your site is opened locally and globally?

How attractive your site looks to users.

How flexible the platform is to the owner or the admin.

How competent your platform is when compared to existing players in the market etc.

All the above points are to be considered whenever you think of starting an online store.

At Presents, there are not many but a few well-known platforms are available on which you can set up an Online Store, like Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento, Wix, etc.

Now, let me talk about the leader, Shopify is dominating the entire eCommerce market not just because of the marketing it does for their brand, in fact, the kind of services and supports it offers to their merchants, that is Shopify. If you search on Google, Top 10 list of eCommerce Platforms, Shopify tops among the rest. Why Shopify is growing and trending, let’s find out

Why is Shopify considered?

Shopify is the first choice and considered by lakhs of merchants because of the following:

  1. Under One roof all the resources are available

  2. No need to visit multiple vendors for technical infrastructure like hosting, Web page builder, email automation, order processing, and other integration

  3. Readymade Solution is available which is well tested and reliable

  4. Super Flexible and Agile Cloud Hosting Server

  5. Free Mobile App and Admin Panel offers features like order notifications, order reports, analytics, etc

  6. Free Search Engine Optimization features are available

  7. Content Delivery Network (CDN) available in all the plans

  8. Maintenance-free platforms for eCommerce owners

  9. Ranks the First position on google when search for top 10 eCommerce Platforms

  10. Free Easy To Understand Analytics Dashboard

  11. Trusted by 50000 plus eCommerce owners

  12. Trusted by various well known in India and Globally

  13. 24*7 Customer Support Available

Here is a list of a few well known Indian Brands using Shopify

  1. Byjus.com

  2. Hungama.com

  3. Voonik.com

  4. Portronics.com

  5. Zebronics.com

  6. Maxprotein.in

  7. Boat-lifestyle.com/

  8. Headphonezone.in

I hope, you find this information helpful. If you are planning to start an Online store so kindly get in touch with eSocialExpert™, write to me at [email protected] or comment below

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PS: This is not a Sponsored Blog Post by any third party, company, or organization. The above information is purely based on my own research and development. Regards, eSocialExpert™
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