How to get e-pass during 21-day lock down in Delhi?

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As per recent announcement by Delhi government, e-pass is required for movement of essential services or delivery of essential products in Delhi. Delhi Police has made it easy for smooth transportation during this 21-day lock down period in Delhi. The same was published in Times of India, Please refer the below link

How To Apply or download e-Pass ?

(Please keep you Photo and Address Proof Ready, as soft copy will be required to upload for submission)

Step -1

To apply for e-pass, kindly visit the official website of Delhi Police and Click on Movement Passes

Apply for e-pass on Delhi Police Official Website

Step 2 – Click On Create Account

Login Page for e-Pass download during 21-day lock down in delhi -

Step 3- Kindly fill in your personal details and your account will be ready immediately to login.

Fill in detail to download e-pass for movement of essential services in Delhi during 21-day lock down
This is sign up page to get you User id and Password for getting e-pass during 21-day lock down.

Step 4 – Once you have set up your account, login with your User Id and Password and hit login. After, login click on Movement Pass ( See Below Image)

Logged in screen - apply e-pass on Delhi Police official website

Step 5 – Fill in your details as requested and submit the page, post submission you may receive an SMS on your phone number provided in this form. Post successful submission you should receive another SMS confirming your pass is ready to download with in 24 hours of submission.

Personal Details Page for getting e-pass during 21-day lock down in Delhi

All details mentioned above is for reference purpose, has no direct relation in any way with Delhi Police or their official website or e-pass issued by Delhi Police during 21-day lock down.