Hi, My name is Deepak, an entrepreneur by choice, managing social media marketing of various Shopify Store owners. In past, worked with companies like Ericsson, Tech Mahindra, Rsystems, Country Club.

Specialized in

Helping Shopify Store Owners in the following areas:

Website Building

Specialized in building all types of  eCommerce Stores, Landing Pages and Business Websites.

Marketing Campaigns

Have been running paid campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, Google Search, YouTube Ads, PPC etc.

Search Engine Optimization

We assure that every page of your website is ranked higher on Google Searches.

My Story

I started my first job with a call center (BPO) based in Noida, back in 2007 while I was just undergraduate. I was in US based process where in I had to call customer based in the USA to sell dish network, served customer service profile, then a team leader, then switched to IT and Telecom sector and worked as a Training Consultant, I was in Job from 2007 till 2017. During my job only i had completed my BBA and MBA. I did MBA as i thought it gives better salary, which eventually happened but sooner I realized the better salary doesn’t mean better future. I still remember the day when I was in my office, completely lost and pissed off and thinking of what I should do if i have no job tomorrow, because I had no intention to spend my entire life doing same kind of task every single day. Finally a day came and I decided to quit and informed my boss and resigned. I know it is very difficult for anyone to leave a job when you do not have another one or better one in hand but I had to quit, I don’t know how but I did.


Three months had gone and I was jobless, one thing I was sure about, that no more job as

I knew that I can do something of my own choice which can give me enough satisfaction and peaceful life ahead.

So, I was just exploring myself, I was good in computers, technology has always drawn my attention. Started exploring online and learned about Shopify Dropshipping Business Model. Started my first online store on shopify and soon realized the power of selling product online, as I had consumed so many YouTube videos, blogs etc. so I made up my mind and decided to launch a store, I was super excited, purchased a Shopify basic plan and contacted vendors supplying products, all over the world, finally my Shopify store got ready, but, guess what, for whole month no one purchased a single item from my store, I told all my Facebook friends and relatives etc but no luck.


However, I knew, I have to run ads as that is the only way to bring customers on my store. So, without losing any hope, I started Facebook ads since I had watched many YouTube videos as well showing how to run ads, so I first launched my campaign with 300 INR, but then No Sale, I mean, spent almost 30,000 INR from my saving and still people are coming to my store but not buying, I was clueless and tried to explore more ways, 3 months had gone and had only 10-15 order. I was quite sure I am missing out something and I will be able to generate orders, so i kept spending money on ads and kept learning new methods and strategies which are working or not working. I was actually spending money on testing and learning. I knew I will be able to generate consistent results, so, I did not stop. Over 2.5 Lakhs had gone in the Facebook ads and Finally, cracked the system, and started getting daily orders, it took me almost 9 months, all my savings had gone in the Facebook ads, I was happy as i had played the whole game alone. I noticed, most of my money had gone in testing and learning but on the other side this experience has given me a lot of experience which no blog or YouTube has ever given to me.

By this time I thought to start selling on Amazon and Flipkart also, but within 6 months only I realized, how profitable it would be if we are selling on our own website with our own brand name, because marketing is the key to generate orders, so one should always spend money on building on their own brand name and I stopped selling on marketplaces.

By this time, I was capable enough to share my learning with others; so, I decided I should share my learning with other store owners running Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Google ads etc. So I found, some old sellers and some new and mostly struggling to achieve consistent orders. I joined Shopify Community and Amazon Sellers Community, and shared my learning. Many Shopify store owners from India, USA and UK approached me seeking advice. Henceforth, started helping them, many store owners requested me to manage their store and work on their Facebook ads, Google ads, social media etc. 

During this time, something amazing happened, I get an email from Facebook Office, as they found me helping others with Facebook ads. They asked me if I can visit their office in Gurgaon for a research project. Basically, they wanted me to share my experience of running Facebook ads. It took one hour for whole session. This picture was taken at Facebook wall in their Gurgaon Office.

I started serving primarily Shopify store owners and still serving many other store owners in India, US, UK and Australia. By this time, I started enjoying my work and that is what I have ever wanted.


That’s all about me!


Thank you!!

This is me, Standing in front of Facebook Wall at Facebook Office, Gurgaon, India

Deepak at Facebook Office

Some of my Amazing Clients