Social Media Update

Social Media Update

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Social media marketing update

Over 1000 Plus websites are launched everyday which includes E-commerce Stores, Fashion and Retail, Product and Services and many others. And, building a website is quiet easy however getting people to your website is not an easy task. Also, it is important to note, that India ranks second largest online market after China, by 2021, there will be about 635.8 million internet users in India. Now, just think about  it, how big the market is right now and how big it will become in coming years. And, there is no doubt that to sustain in such a huge market which is getting competitive day by day will be easy. The only way to build your presence in such a healthy environment is via Social Marketing, and we all know how powerful social media is; Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter, Whatsapp etc. Every business needs social media marketing if they really wants to sustain and grow. Big Companies like Nestle, P&G, Lifestyle, Panatloons, Reliance Trends and many more, they are all using social media, why? The answer is simple, they have all realized that traditional marketing methods like Television ads, Newspaper ads, Flyer, Poster etc will be least considered as the same does not give any insight to business owners which social media does. We need to understand, that social media is not anymore a place of getting engaged with families and friends rather it has become a market place where people come with no mindset of shopping but end up buying different products. And, this trend is going viral day by day, every small business and big businesses are considering social media marketing is an utmost need of an hour. So, how does social media work?

Social Media works on data driven method, it is not based on assumptions. For example, a small business owner market their products using pamphlets, posters and sending in newspaper or circulating at public places  or may be putting a big hoarding at crowded place where people often visit so they can see your offer or brand or may be Television ads in case of a big business. Now, there is no data in numbers available to estimate about how many people actually read your pamphlets which you have sent via news paper or circulated in public and how many people actually saw your hoarding. So, there is no such engagement data available, and most important is, your target customer data is not available for which marketing is actually being done. However, Social Media works on every such aspects, and works on target customer, you can target whole country or a small town, or a small colony. It can also target on people age, gender, and their interest, hobbies etc. and gives you clear estimation in numbers.

Every store owner aims to achieve higher revenue. And, to do so Social marketing is utmost need of an hour. Social Media marketing uses different tools and techniques and strategies to get you results, all such strategies are designed well, planned well, and executed with clear objective. A well designed strategy always brings results in term of higher ROAS and lower cost per sale. And, to bring that results, an expert comes in play which examines your overall store performance and designs a well tested marketing plan and execute it with smart strategy.

And, the best part is, it empowers brand value, customer acquisition and long term sustainability.



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