Multiple Links at one place -
6, Jul 2021
Benefits of Multiple Links or Linktree On A Single Page

Benefits of multiple links or Linktree on a Single Page, Do you know that you can create a single link which helps you get the multiple links at one place?

You must be wondering, what is the use of having multiple links at one place or thinking aloud to know the real benefits. If yes, then let me tell you how exactly it helps.

Let’s assume a visitors visits your Instagram profile and click the link which is there in the bio, as we all know that Instagram doesn’t allow to put more than one URL in the Bio so when a user who clicks on that link, your landing page is loaded which is having all about your product or services details.

Now, let’s assume a page which is loaded having multiple links one after another or in a series, as mentioned in the image below:

Multiple Links at one place -

So, basically you are giving users multiple options or choices to click on. It could be any Call to Action like an Appointment link, Call Link, Chat Link, YouTube Channel Link, Linkedin Profile Link or Website.

This way you can get host of benefits by using single landing page or single screen to host multiple link to drive well optimized traffic. In any way, your website is always having multiple links whether it is a business website, an ecommerce store or any product or service related. However the point here is to understand the benefits which a user get when he or she visit such a landing page.

The best part of making such a lading page is, you don’t need any third part tools to get these benefits, though some free tools are also available in the market like Linktree, Appsumo, Canva etc, However, it is always advised to have your own landing page which is hosted on your own domain rather than on any third party domain. And, from the SEO perspective as well, internal linking is also needed and quite effective when it comes to build good page authority.

Now, let’s talk about where you can put this link to drive the benefits. Well, you can put the link in your email signature instead of having a direct website link. You can share the link on your social media channels like on Facebook page, Linkedin Profile, or even on Whatsapp. I am sure if you start using such URL right now, you will start getting well optimized traffic which you can use further to run laser targeted marketing campaigns.

Hope the information given above is helpful, Please leave a comment below for any suggestions or query.

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