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Leverage The Power of Social Media

Be a Pro - Master Digital Marketing

Be A Pro - Digital Marketing Course by eSocialExpert
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Module - 1
Social Media Marketing Basics

  • Why Facebook, Instagram and Google?

  • Create Facebook Business Page

  • Working with Business Page Settings

  • Messenger Automation

  • Create and Manage CTA Button

  • Whatsapp Integration

Website Design - eSocialExpert

Module - 2
Learn Facebook, Instagram Ads and Google Adwords

  • How does Facebook, Google and Instagram Ad work

  • Spy on others Facebook Ads

  • Setup Ad Account & Payments

  • Understand Ad Objectives Integrate

  • Facebook Pixel.

  • Finding Ideal Customers on Facebook

  • Create Dynamic Ad Creatives

  • Create Ad – Target Audience

  • Creative Ad Text and CTA

  • Create Video Ad and Placements

  • Create Lead Ads – FB Form

  • Create Lead Ad – Landing Page

  • Create Conversion Campaign 

  • Understand ROAS and Reports

Website Design - eSocialExpert

Module - 3
Learn Facebook Retargeting Ads

  • What is Retargeting?

  • Understanding Retargeting Ads

  • Creating Retargeting Ads

  • Create Retargeting campaign using Custom Audience 

  • Retargeting Ad

  • Budget Strategy

  • Creative Retargeting Ad Text and CTA

  • ROAS and Reports

Website Design - eSocialExpert

Module - 4
Optimizing and Scaling

  • Understanding Performance

  • Building Funnel Funnel

  • Optimization Strategy Interest

  • Expansion Strategy

  • Optimizing – Target Audiences

  • Expanding Your Custom

  • Lookalike Audiences Create

  • Lookalike Audiences ROAS and Reports

Website Design - eSocialExpert

Module - 5

Website Creation and Business Development
  • Learn Website Design using wordpress

  • Domain name and hosting. 

  • Installing WordPress 

  • Installing plugins

  • Website Theme Customization

  • Design Web Pages 

  • Website Images and Videos

  • Designing Testimonial Section

  • Designing Pricing Section

  • Creating Contact Forms

  • Contact Form Actions

  • Building eCommerce Stores 

  • How to start Business with Amazon

Digital Marketing
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Time To Leverage The Power Of Social Media

Are you a Job Seeker or a Student ? 

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If Your Social Media Presence Is Not Felt, You Don’t Exist!

We are in 2020 And We All Need Social Media Presence, Right Time Is NOW!! 

All Live Sessions – No Video Recorded

Course Duration – 3 Months

Be A Pro - Master Digital Marketing


Most frequent questions and answers

Yes,  This course has helped many individuals and now they are running successful businesses.

All classes are instructor-led and the course duration is 3 months and every class is of 2 hours.

Every individual must know how to operate computer or laptop.

Yes, all cards are accepted for payment.