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We believe in results, no matter how much efforts you put in your work, how many hours you worked, how far you have reached in your research. The one and only thing which makes you or breaks you is the outcome, that is what keeps us motivated and going.

My Story

Every business has a beginning, I started when I created my first Facebook page back in 2014 with of course zero likes and no engagement. Though, i had good content and images and regular updates on my page but not that i wanted. Sooner, I realized promotions is needed to get me good engagement so I started exploring promotions and finally gave a shot to my own content and started advertising and this was all created just out of my hobby with no intention of any business. As technology has always drawn my attention so i kept on creating more pages and also started blogging, creating content, building websites etc. And, then started helping many online store owners in their social media marketing in getting them desired results. As, every business needs revenue and to generate that, business owners spends a lot on marketing and there is no doubt about the fact that marketing is the need of any business. If you are a start up then also marketing is important or if you are years old in the business then also marketing is needed to sustain in this highly competitive environment. And, my objective is always helping my client getting them desired results in a cost effective manner.

Meet the Founder

Thanks for reaching out to this page and learning about my self. My name is Deepak, an entrepreneur looking after social media marketing of various online and offline store owners. In past, worked with companies like Ericsson, Tech Mahindra, Rsystems, Country Club.


Founder and CEO – eSocialExpert.com
Facebook and Instagram Marketing Expert

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